31 Jan

Top Ten – 2015 Week 5

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The Techniques of a Sexual Predator – You need to know this so that you can keep a better watch over your children or those of your church and other places.

On the Day I Married Her – another one from Tim Challies about how we don’t really know the person we marry.

How and Why to Improve Your Cursive Penmanship – from The Art of Manliness website. I’ve been looking for hobbies, not because I’m not busy and need to fill time but because I need a positive distraction from everyday routines as a revitaliser.

The App of God – The Bible is more than just a book, it is God’s word in whatever medium it comes to us. Yet another article from Tim Challies that spoke to me this week!

Kids’ birthday parties keep getting more extravagant – The article isn’t from a Christian perspective but these are things we should be careful to notice and think about why. Are we honouring God through endless extravagance that burdens overtired and overstretched mothers?

7 Principles of Sabbath Rest – It’s good to check whether we are using our Sabbaths as God intended.

UndeNYEably Uninformed – Bill Nye is termed “the anti-science guy” by Dr. Jay Wile.

Flirting with the Law – sometimes we don’t break laws but our hearts are not pure in what we do anyway. Rules are never meant for mere following but to teach understanding of bigger issues.

The Greatest Danger Facing the Church – Wolves in sheep’s clothing are pastors who confess the truth and sound right but who ultimately deny the God who makes that truth powerful.

Meet John – A short video about John Barros who ministers outside an abortion clinic with incredible love and gentleness.

“God is looking for individuals in this generation who will rise above the status quo of contemporary Christianity and say with Edwards, “I am completely Yours.” God is searching for those people in this hour who will strive to be that one in this generation who is the most complete Christian.”

– The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven J Lawson (Link to Logos Version)

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