12 Oct

Jude 3

The end was a bit rushed as I was about to get interrupted. The complete devotional applications are below:

Three final applications

  1. It’s a wonderful thing to rejoice in our common salvation and to marvel at our Saviour together – don’t avoid church, don’t avoid the company of other believers. If you find yourself alone as a believer, get to church every Sunday and make sure you try hard to talk with others. Get involved in a weekly Bible study group or find a mentor that you can grow under.
  2. If other believers are not up to the standard, maybe even making you feel that church is a waste of time, do what Jude did and encourage them and support them to weed out false teachers and false ideas, then stand firm in the truth. Only once they are doing this will it be possible to enjoy our common salvation. Love them and do what you can to win their hearts and lead them from error.
  3. Make sure that you know The Faith delivered to us by Jesus Christ. This is the only way to protect it. Be diligent to study the unchanging truth of what God has revealed about himself in the Bible 2000 years ago. By knowing the truth, it will be much easier to stand firm in the face of attacks, both secret and obvious. There are many attacks today, so be prayerful and diligent to keep watch.

Thank you for listening. If what you have heard has encouraged you, please share it with others.

God bless you.

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