14 Feb

Top Ten – 2015 Week 7

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Is your faith your own, or do you rely only on others to help you walk the walk?

Yeah, Well, But What About the Crusades? – Helpful article from The Gospel Coalition reminding us about the Muslim cause for the Crusades.

Is the Gay Rights Movement the Rightful Heir to the Civil Rights Tradition – Great principle to remember to help your understanding and those of others.

President Obama and the Problem of Religious Conviction – Obama is overly influenced by postmodern thinking.

3 Female Ghosts that Haunt the Church – Good challenges to all men and how we may feel threatened by women in various ways. A warning is necessary: I feel that some care needs to be taken not to use this wisdom as an excuse for being unwise with accountability and safe practice. The article doesn’t suggest that but I can see overzealous men, wishing to do the right thing, but going too far.

Biblical Reasons to Doubt the Creation Days Were 24-Hour Periods – Even if you don’t believe this title is true, it is worth a read to challenge your thinking.

A Pastor’s Reflections: The Benefits of Membership – We’re working through the process of finding a church where we can be signed members. It could take years but this is one of the reasons why it is worth it.

What I Would Have To Deny To Deny Hell – Nobody wants to believe in hell, but if it exists we should act as if it exists.

God, Protect My Girls – Prayers that all parents should pray for their children, not just for their daughters. I have two daughters and another daughter on the way!

Will You Go Out With Me? Rules for Biblical Dating – A short list. I like the third point: return your date home more holy!

Five Tips for Bible Memory – The longer I continue with extended Bible memorisation the more I value it. Books are not always necessary, as shown in this article, but I do think that memorising entire books is the natural long-term desire for those who memorise larger chunks of scripture.

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