07 Feb

Top Ten – 2015 Week 6

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“The spiritually dead cannot enter God’s holy presence”

Keith Mathison

“You Must Be Born Again” – I’m convinced that there would be a major shift for the better in the state of the church (and the entire world) if this one truth was better understood.

Riding Light – This video is a great way of demonstrating the vastness of space, which always draws my mind and heart to reflect on the enormity of God’s great power in creating and upholding the entire universe.

Three Reasons Why Singing is Essential in the Life of the Disciple – Never neglect the heart in worship!

The Girl in the Tuxedo: Two Variations on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity – Whatever your views, this article provides good insight into the pressures faced by today’s teens and young adults.

Anti-vaxxers and epistemological narcissism – I’m against unnecessary vaccination (most people don’t need seasonal flu vaccinations), but I do think some vaccinations (for deadly diseases such as measles) are essential.

Marriage and the Gospel – Don’t underestimate the testimony of a loving and holy marriage.

The “Plus One” Approach to Church – This is a good way to ensure that shifting church is not a fickle decision for you or your family.

Worthy of double honor – Do you prepare for Sunday’s sermon as well as the preacher? This is part two of how to encourage your pastor, read part one also.

A Mobile Phone Contract for Our Daughter – A Wise approach.

When Reading the Bible Through Just Wouldn’t Do – A touching glimpse into the grief of a lost spouse and helpful tips for reading your Bible when “normal” methods don’t work.

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